great article about why shoppers want to shop in store...

Recently, I read a interesting article that highlights why customers want to shop in store instead of online.  Robbin Higgins of the Abound blog reviews the IHL Groups survey that finds the top 5 reasons customers prefer shopping in store.  Here are some of the points that stood out to me:

"In-Stock On What They Want To Buy: The more stores stay in stock, the more customers will return to them."

"Having your store in-stock was so important to consumers that the IHL Group named their study, ‘Out Of Stock, Out Of Luck.'"

"Consumers also wanted to be able to talk to an employee. People really want to be able to ask any questions they may have and get expert advice. This is especially true for high ticket items and anything that needs explaining. People may be able to purchase t-shirts without the help of an expert, but expensive or complicated products need a personal touch."

"Is there a way you can improve parking for your customers? Can you offer free shipping if an item is out of stock and a customer wants it sent to their house?"


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