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Safe, Strong, and Super Cute

The only all polarized sunglass brand for little kids.  Polarization adds another critical layer of protection from the sun's harmful UV light.  They are Safe, Strong, & Super Cute™ and are backed by the unbeatable Hide n’ Seek Loss & Damage Warranty.






Your child’s developing eyes are more transparent, which allows more harmful light to reach the retina. Polarized lenses block the reflected UV light in addition to the direct & scattered UV light. This essential layer of protection is now a standard in adult sunglasses.  It’s time your kids have the same protection!


Special formulated rubber material is virtually indestructible & super comfy. Every Polarized MiniShades® product is backed by our unbeatable Hide n’ Seek Loss & Damage Warranty.


On-trend, good-looking sunglasses sized for the kiddies.

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