We’re a group of folks who somehow figured out a way to turn our love of the outdoors and affinity for ourdoorsy people into a job. No, a career. Career sounds better. More accurate, too. This is what we do, not just what we’re doing.


At Redline Sports Group we spend an inordinate amount of our time driving. Miles and miles and miles – and miles, of driving. We also spend a lot of time outside. In a tiny way, this career has ruined the outdoors for us all because when we’re out having fun skiing, climbing, camping, etc., we’re usually evaluating some new piece of clothing or equipment and thinking of how it could be even better. Only in a tiny way, though, because we generally use this as an excuse to go out and do even more fun stuff, more often (it’s our career, after all).


Another thing we spend a crazy amount of time doing is developing new ways to help our retail and vendor partners to be more successful. The retail landscape is changing faster all the time, which requires us to continually develop new practices and find tools to improve our effectiveness and focus, and to use insights gleaned from traveling the region to help our brands and retail partners to do the same. And driving. We do quite a bit of that.