Life Changing Underwear

SAXX’s founder came away from an Alaskan fishing expedition intent on reinventing men’s underwear. After days spent chafing in a cold, wet ocean suit, he couldn’t shake the notion that there must be a better way to make underwear — designed and made for the way men are actually built. Many months and 14 different prototypes later, SAXX underwear, with its patented Ballpark Pouch™, was born.





BallPark Pouch™

Everything stays put, and you won’t have to worry about physically positioning your boys into the pouch. Next up, the pouch's mesh panels create a permanent divide between your balls and your thighs.  Lastly, natural support and movement, meaning that no matter the maneuver, your boys will be good to go.


It isn’t just underwear. It’s a bona fide art form. Operating out of Portland, Oregon, our uber-talented design team shares their palette of inspirations and experiences.


Everyday, outdoor, and sport. Each of our core collections have been designed with different key features, providing an increased level of comfort depending on end use activity

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